Learn to speed up or get ready to slow down --

Customized instruction for running and yoga

Mustering motivation to get fit can be tough, and maintaining momentum after jump starting your regimen is an exercise in futility. Jennifer Wilford, a running coach and yoga instructor, can help you achieve your goals and make fitness accessible in a supportive group setting. She has helped women who couldn't run more than a few blocks become half marathon runners. She has gently guided those new to yoga as well as experienced yogis to greater strength and flexibility and find a renewed sense of balance and self awareness. 

5k raceRunners and walkers of all abilities are welcome at group training runs on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Some may struggle to run/walk a mile the first session. But most often, an eight-week session can culminate in a group 5K, and the celebration of a group “mile” stone. Everyone receives a personal running log to track progress with daily e-mailed reminders to hold you accountable. Think of it as individual training with the friendly support of your gal pals.

Customized training is for any runner (male or female) who might be training for a mid-longer distance race, or who wants to get started and group training doesn’t fit their schedule. After a one-on-one meeting with Jennifer, you will receive a detailed training log with specific workouts to take the guesswork out of training. In addition you will learn about nutrition, strengthwork and race strategy. This training is also available virtually for those outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Group yoga and private lessons are ideal for those wanting to develop their personal practice. All-level flow classes are open to students with any level of experience - newcomers are especially welcome. Classes explore asana (physical pose) variations with emphasis on alignment. Private yoga is a specially created practice tailored to a student's specific needs. Private sessions benefit beginners wanting to get started confidently, experienced practitioners working toward a specific physical goal or athletes focusing on specific tight areas. It is perfect to gain self awareness by allowing you the chance to practice at your own pace in the comfort of your home. 


Feel free to fill out the inquiry form, or call Jennifer at 972 824 0965 if you would like more information. Also, be sure to check out You Go Girl on Facebook!