About Me


I lovingly embrace many roles in my life: mom, daughter, sister, and friend.

But that's only part of who I am. There's more to my story. 

Originally from Missouri -- I'm a proud alumnae from the School of Journalism -- I moved to Texas 11 years ago, shortly before giving birth to my son, Dylan. It has proven the most rewarding and at times the most challenging job I ever had. As a stay-at-home mom when he was young, I needed an outlet. 

And when he was almost 3, I discovered that through running. Suddenly I wasn't just "Dylan's mom" but people knew me as Jennifer.  

I started running in 2006, intent of completing a half marathon. My first ever "real run" was six miles, and I breathlessly came home and realized it was the most accomplished I had felt in years. Eight weeks after that run, I finished Cowtown in just under 2 hours and realized I wanted to get faster.

But along the way of logging boatloads of miles, running became interwoven in the fabric of my life. Mornings that started with a run meant a much better day. Running allowed me the chance to take pride and celebrate personal bests -- (a 3:18 marathon finish at age 43, because numbers matter mightily as a runner). I also laced up my shoes when I most need to move forward, when life throws a change-up or curve ball. 

I've been running for eight years and a certified running coach for five. I've run 17 marathons, including the last seven consecutive Boston Marathons. I had no need to slow down, until I discovered yoga.  

In the summer of 2010, I came to yoga reluctantly -- my hamstrings were hamstrung. No matter how much yoga I did, it could never keep pace with the mileage on my body. No self judgment, but I was one of the least flexible people in any class. I watched slack jawed as the pretzel people seemed to love yoga. I didn't. But after a few weeks, I realized yoga revealed the shortcomings in my strength, and the type "A" in me was destined to improve it. Eventually, as I practiced my body and mind began to open up to new possibilities. I learned there was much more to yoga than just lengthening and strengthening my muscles. By granting myself permission to slow down the frantic pace that was my life and my running, I learned to breathe. I started to pay attention, and eventually I became more flexible in my body and mind. In June, 2013, I became a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, completing coursework through the Inspire Yoga School in Highland Village. 


In 2009, I founded You GO Girl with the idea of giving women an avenue where they could embrace that "something more" within themselves. Where fitness is accessible in a non-intimidating environment, where there is a place for any pace, or you feel right at home in your first-ever yoga class. 

My approach is to help my clients and students use physical fitness as a tool to better themselves both physically and personally. My goal is to provide a program that is sustainable, fun and challenging within the confines of clients' busy lives. I coach men and women on a customized basis, from couch-to-5K to Boston bound runners (and those that aspire to be Boston bound!) I also conduct group training for my "You Go Girls" twice a week and teach group yoga at Inspire Yoga Studio, Luke's Locker,  the Amenity Center in Bridlewood as well as customized classes for private clients. 

If you've read this far, I'm guessing you're curious to learn what "something more" might mean for you. I'd encourage you to contact me by email, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 972-824-0965.